*PeaceCasters is a past program of Peace Education.*
PeaceCasters empowered young people in middle and high school to share their stories with the world in order to create change through digital and social media. By training young leaders to connect their personal stories to world issues, develop effective social media messages, and de-escalate conflicts online, we empowered a new generation of positive influencers who uplifted their communities and inspired others to take action. 

PeaceCasters lessons included:

  • Practicing the power of your personal story
  • Using social media to create social change
  • Making impactful digital art and graphic designs
  • Taking control of your own narrative 
  • Tackling the problem of trolls and bullies online
  • Playing lots of our famously addictive cooperative games

PeaceCasters participants would work, play, and create together as a team to explore how social media impacted our lives and how we can use it to challenge prejudices and build community. Youth left with not only an empowered sense of self-respect and leadership, but with career skills in graphic design, digital communications, and team-building collaboration. Participants in the program also became eligible to join the Youth Leadership Team as Youth Mentors, where they inspired their peers by helping to facilitate workshops and lead cooperative games. Through this youth leadership development model, all PeaceCasters programs were 100% youth-led. 

“My favorite thing about camp was to see all these young people coming together who seem genuinely interested in making the world a better place.” -Sage, PeaceCasters Participant




“I enjoyed our collaboration with PeaceCasters immensely and I would jump at the opportunity to host another one of their programs or send our youth to an outside program. They were able to adapt and take on any challenges with a smile and a positive attitude. My experience was wonderful!”

-Lauren DeGeorge, Program Director at the Backside Learning Center


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