Youth Program Stories

New Staff Member Excited to Help Children Learn Conflict Management

Much of Peace Education’s programming takes place in schools, teaching kids from elementary through high school how to understand and control their feelings and manage conflict when it arises. Because the nonprofit has such close partnerships with schools, it makes sense that they would have individuals on staff who have […]

Peace Ed Goes Back Into The Schools

It will take years for us to understand just how deeply students’ lives have been impacted by COVID. While testing may give us an inkling into what the academic impact has been, these tests cannot gauge the toll of ongoing COVID for students’ mental health and their ability to thrive. […]

Peace Ed Has a “Gigantic Impact”

It means something when a volunteer offers his or her time over a period of several decades to an organization. Lee Beckhusen, retired Presbyterian minister and Peace Ed’s board of directors chair, became acquainted with Peace Ed nearly two decades ago. After an initial six-year term on the board, she […]