It means something when a volunteer offers his or her time over a period of several decades to an organization. Lee Beckhusen, retired Presbyterian minister and Peace Ed’s board of directors chair, became acquainted with Peace Ed nearly two decades ago. After an initial six-year term on the board, she […]

Peace Ed Has a “Gigantic Impact”

Life isn’t always a smooth path; most of us go through periods in our lives when we need the support of others to get through. The critical pre-teen and early teenage years can be especially rough, and it is why the Navigators program Peace Education Program is focused on young […]

Navigators Helps Direct Path of Teens

Lijah Fosl was once a participant of the PeaceCasters program during late middle and early high school when it was run by the Center for Interfaith Relations. Eventually the program came under the umbrella of Peace Education Program. While Peacecaster has changed a lot in the ensuing years, Lijah (they/them/theirs) […]

PeaceCasters is Empowering Teens